12 angry men

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12 angry men

12 angry men


Subject of class : Introuduction to speech communication

Purpose: Critical Analysis of Small Group Dynamics

Style/Length: Essay not an outline- APA style, Minimum 4 pages ( Not including the cover sheet, abstract, or references)

Description: Watch the 1955 film “12 Angry Men” on YouTube. You should analyze the small group dynamics in the original 1955 film “12 Angry Men”. The following topics must be discussed and applied to the task oriented group identified in your essay:

1.Type of group
2. Distinguishing Feautures of the group
3. Culture, Gender and Ethnicity
4. Roles ( Task, Maintenance, Dysfunctional)
Effective and ineffective group members
5. Conflict Styles, Outcomes and Escalators
6. Group Problem Solving Method
7. Leadership Style, theories
Effective and Ineffective Leadership Styles
8. Characteristics of Successful or Unsuccessful Goup
9. Discuss how the group interaction might be improved.

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