2-3 pages essay based on questions below

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2-3 pages essay based on questions below

2-3 pages essay based on questions below

Address the following questions:

1) *Remember, you are answering all questions below based on your assignment #1 submission*. Which I have also attached to be viewed and used.

-What is your research topic

-What made you choose this topic

-How is this topic related to Healthcare administration/Healthcare Services

-Summary of the introduction (min. of one paragraph (5-6) complete sentences)

-General problem statement

-The purpose statement

-One research question you plan to address

2) List and describe TWO main resources*** (articles/journals) you are going to utilize pertaining to your topic for the next assignment submission “Literature Review”.

***also email me the two sources separately after you complete this part, since it will be used for the second part of this proposal in which I will complete at a later time***

3) Locate a full text article pertaining to your research topic purposed in assignment #1 and give a brief synopsis/summarization (min. of two paragraphs) of the research article. Include your closing thoughts about the article.

(Focus on what the article is stating and how does it pertain to your research topic of choice). You can use FIU Library and or do a Google Scholar Search. Do not use wikipedia. Post a link to the full text research article in (APA format).

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