6 Discussions Maritime law

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6 Discussions Maritime law

6 Discussions Maritime law

Each discussion have to be explained well and demonstrate knowledge

Seamen’s Employment Contracts 1 – Post a discussion on the reasons and logic for the extra protection provided to seamen while they are employed in the service of a vessel. How do seamen’s employment contracts differ from general employment contracts? what are the government law prospective on these contracts. how the government look at these contract and what kind of protection fell under these types of contract

Salvage and General Average 2- Post a discussion on the concept of marine salvage and consider whether you think the traditional concepts of salvage law (such as are involved in treasure hunting) are adequate to encourage private parties to take actions to minimize environmental damage caused by maritime disasters (such as the BP Gulf oil spill).

Maritime Tort Law 3- Post a discussion on the benefits of applying standard uniform federal tort liability concepts to torts occurring "in admiralty." Do you think that each state should be able to apply its own liability concepts to torts occurring in the navigable waters of that state, or are uniform federal tort standards more beneficial to the development of the law?

Collision Law 4- Post a discussion on the concept of apportioned liability and damages when two or more vessels are involved in a collision. Do you think such apportionment of liability and damages is logical.

Worker Injury 5- Post a discussion on the remedies available to seamen when he or she suffers a work related injury. How do these remedies differ from land based employees who are injured on the job?

Maritime Jurisdiction and Procedure 6- Post a discussion on the unique concept of in rem jurisdiction against a vessel itself as a "defendant."

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