american history

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american history


american history


please access D.H. Lawrence’s Studies in Classic American Literature (1923) at and read chapters 1-5. Using the course material, assess Lawrence’s discussions of American literature and identity. Does Lawrence accurately represent American identity? Mobilize evidence for your conclusions from the lectures, films, and readings from the quarter. Commenting only on the book will result in a 60% grade.
The Final Paper will be 5 pages (not 4 and 1⁄4), double-spaced, 12 font, with 1” margins. You will engage with Lawrence’s characterization of America via his interpretation of American Literature: how accurate or inaccurate is his assessment of American identity?

TA requirement:
you need to have a argument, a thesis statement,
what he say about america, how do you tie that in what we talk about the us history in this class

1. what do you argue about it, background, why you think it’s important, significance
2.argue your thesis (focus on 2 things):
a)theme one, argument, argument, argument (1-1.5 page)
c)theme two, argument, argument, argument (1-1.5 page)
3. conclusion, tie the two things together

theme example: gender (female&male put them together rather than talk about them separately);
freedom& liberty: revolutionary ,slave, class, what does the abstract meaning of freedom and liberty mean in the real life (for women or slave);
national/ transnational identity,

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