Analysis Acrimony

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Analysis Acrimony


Analysis Acrimony


Final Exam Paper
Requirements: 5-7 pages, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, MLA Heading and page numbers, MLA in text citations, MLA Works Cited List with 5 sources, title

Set Up: Analysis is the last step students take into research writing before the second semester writing course. Analysis is not only argumentative writing, it’s critical thinking for the author. What is being said and how is it being said in a way to convince you or challenge you? What is the purpose of this piece and how should readers look at it?

Activity: Students will construct an analysis paper of one of our three types: rhetorical, visual, or literary analysis. The paper will have the outline of summary background intro, evidence section, counterargument, conclusion, BUT will follow the specific analysis guidelines for the students chosen approach. Faigley Chapter 9 will have the specifics for each. As analysis is still an argument, as it is an individual view of the piece to be analyzed. One of the five sources will be WHAT is being discussed and the other 4 will be what is used to discuss the analysis.


Yes, you may use I. This is YOUR analysis and YOUR viewpoint. However, do NOT use YOU anywhere in this discussion.
Your other 4 sources could be other points of view on your subject matter, contextual information about the subject matter, discussions on the creator of the subject matter, etc. Think about what kind of support you are going to need as the analyst.
WATCH YOUR QUOTE USAGE AND YOUR MLA IN TEXT CITATIONS. I will be as this is the LAST paper I will see from you before 1102.

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