Based on Obesity and Nutrition

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Based on Obesity and Nutrition


Based on Obesity and Nutrition


Review Paper Guidelines
You need to write a review paper on particular topic. You can use the same topic of your oral presentation or written critique, or you can use a different topic. You need at use at least 5 peer-reviewed references which can include original research articles, review articles, or systemic reviews and meta-analyses. The paper should include the following sections
• Abstract:
Write a narrative summary of the whole paper
• Introduction:
Include the purpose of the paper, introduce the topic, and what would be covered in the paper.
• The Body of Paper:
It should include a literature review of studies that have been done on the topic and the findings. Use headings to organize this section.
• Discussion and conclusion:
Summarize what has been done so far, needs for future research, strength and limitation of the studies, and you own conclusion of the research findings.
• Reference List:
Use the AMA style of citation in the paper by using numbers in brackets, and list the references at the end by the order they appeared in the paper.

The paper should be typed in 12-point font and double spaced. Include a cover page and number all pages. The paper should not be less than three pages, and not more than 10 pages long. Pay attention to grammar, sentences, and punctuation.

Please write this paper on Obesity and Nutrition. Please make sure it includes 5 peer reviewed articles within this paper and PLEASE NO PLAGIARISM.

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