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Narrative essay

Narrative Essay Write a 500 to 750 word essay using narration as the chief method of development. Make sure that you have viewed the MLA Sample page for formatting purposes. Also, please visit the Writing Lab for an example of a narrative essay. It is located in the ENGL 1301 Hub. Writing Assignment Purpose: to…
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Demonstrate the Importance of Management

Demonstrate the Importance of Management Write a reflective essay that discusses key management concepts that are critical to the success of a modern organisation.

Brief: Developing Vision and Leadership

Developing Vision and Leadership You will create a vision for a new venture, or one that needs to be refreshed, and then develop a leadership plan to ensure success and an innovative culture.

Art-Mise-en-scene and cinematography

Mise-en-scene and cinematography Revisit the film you analyzed in Assignment 1. Analyze the film using the narrative models discussed in class. Then analyze the film’s use of mise-en-scene and cinematography. What do you perceive and understand now that you know how to identify narrative and style? How would you define “cinematic” now? Essay should be…
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Cost Accounting PPP

Cost Accounting PPP You will create and prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation (approximately 12 minutes and 10–12 slides) showing how a topic covered in the course is connected to your workplace. You should incorporate actual samples of materials from the job site. This presentation will provide fellow students with a narrative explanation of each slide…
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Criminology-Security threat groups

Security threat groups In a one page paper, discuss what security threat groups are. How do they pose a threat? What are some of approaches to managing them and are they effective?

Criminology Paper-Police stress

Police stress discuss police stress. Include in your discussion types of stress (external, organizational, personal, and operational). Give two examples of each.

Body paragraph in argumentative essay on policing

Body paragraph in argumentative essay on policing For this assignment, you will be constructing a body paragraph for your argumentative essay. Remember, all ideas/arguments must be supported with evidence, so we will work on integrating sources. Please follow the directions below. Please take advantage of this resource. Note, the sample has nothing to do with…
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Port Security Paper

Port Security Paper The topic for your research paper can be anything pertaining to port security, the security of the maritime transportation system, threats to maritime critical infrastructure (including cyber or piracy) or ways that risk can be quantified within a port. You are to prepare your formal graduate research paper in a word document…
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Taking a Position

Taking a Position Make sure you choose a debatable topic. You can also select from the ideas listed below, as long as you figure out a way to bring them close to home. You will notice that the way they are listed here is only a starting point and will require you to take a…
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