Book Response Assignment

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Book Response Assignment

Book Response Assignment

Answer the following Questions:

Book: The Climate Casino: Risk, Uncertainty, and Economics for a Warming World (Read only Half of the Book)

List the title of book, author (or editor), year published, number of pages.

1. Describe the opening chapter. (What happens? Where? Who are the key characters? What actions or ideas stand out for you? Why does the author start here?)

2. Investigate the author and tell us what you have learned. Who is she or he? What else has the author written? What positions or job titles has the author held or what groups has he or she worked for?

3. List 3 key passages (interesting or pertinent to your topic) that you have come across so far. These should be direct quotes, so transcribe them directly from the text. A.



4. After a few hours of reading make a list of key information or ideas being developed so far in the book.

5. What have you learned about your research topic?

6. What questions do you have or has the book posed about your topic?

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