business organisations

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business organisations

business organisations

Assignment brief

In your assignment you should:
Task 1
Choose 3 businesses of varying sizes, eg one could be a small concern, one national and one multi-national business. You should select businesses from more than one sector and one should be a not-for-profit organization.

(i) Analyse the key objectives of each of your chosen businesses (1.1)
(ii) Discuss how each of your chosen businesses might achieve their objectives (1.2)

Task 2
(i) Using examples that you have researched or discussed in class, analyse the differences between

a) sole traders
b) partnerships
c) limited companies
d) company limited by guarantee
e) community incorporated company (2.1)

(ii) Explain the key features of a franchise. You should use a real life example to illustrate your explanations (2.2)

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