Chapter 5 outline

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Chapter 5 outline

Chapter 5 outline

A. Identify the two major components of the cutaneous membrane.
B. Identify the major functions of the integumentary system.

A. Compare thin skin with thick skin.
B. Identify the five layers of the epidermis (from superficial to deep)
C Dandruff is caused by excessive shedding of the cells from the outer layer of skin on the scalp. So, dandruff is composed of cells from which epidermal layer?
D. A splinter that penetrates to the third layer of the epidermis of the palm is lodged in which layer?

A. Name the two pigments contained in the epidermis.
B Why does exposure to sunlight or sunlamps darken skin?
C Why does the skin of a light-skinned person appear red during exercise in hot weather?
D Why is basal cell carcinoma considered less dangerous than malignant melanoma?
E. Explain why a healthy 6-month-old might have yellow-orange skin.

A Describe the layers of the dermis.
B Predict the degree of scarring after the healing of a horizontal cut on the forehead just above the eyebrow.

A Distinguish among a first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree burn.
B Which type of burn usually requires skin grafting? Why?
C Describe the three types of skin grafts. Which one is best? Why?
D A 32-year-old woman is admitted to the hospital with third-degree burns on her entire right leg, entire right arm, and the back of her trunk. Estimate the percentage of her body surface area affected by these burns.

A What are epidermal derivatives?
B Which exocrine glands are in the integument?

A Describe a typical strand of hair.
B. What happens when an arrector pili muscle contracts?
C. Describe the four phases of the hair growth cycle
D. Why is pulling a hair painful, yet cutting a hair is not?

A Identify and describe the general functions of the exocrine glands found in the skin.
B. Describe the secretory method and functions of sebum.
C Deodorants are used to mask the effects of secretions from which type of skin gland?
D Name the type of cell that assists the discharge of merocrine secretions, and list the glands in which such cells are present.

A Where does nail production occur?
B define hyponychium.
C Why does the free edge of a nail appear white?

A Why does hair turn white or gray with age
B Why do people tolerate summer heat less well and become more susceptible to heat-related illness when they become older?

A List some hormones that are necessary for maintaining a healthy integument.
B Explain the relationship between sunlight exposure and vitamin D3.
C In some cultures, females must be covered from head to toe when they go outdoors. Explain why these women are at increased risk of developing bone problems later in life.

A Identify the first step in skin repair
B Describe granulation tissue
C Why can skin regenerate effectively even after considerable damage?

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