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Personality of a Famous Person Paper – CHECKPOINT ASSIGNMENT
Due: Dec 10, 2018 at 11:59 PM

Submit this assignment HERE by the due date. It is worth 20% of your grade in the course.


The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in applying the theories you are learning about to a real personality. You will begin by choosing an interesting person to study and analyze (be sure to choose someone you truly find interesting, since this person will be your focus for this paper). You may choose any public person you like (a politician, movie star, musician, author, etc.), living or dead. The only requirement is that there must be sufficient information available about this person’s life for you to adequately complete the assignment.

Find a good biography or autobiography of this person and read it. (If you can’t find a book-length biography, choose someone else.) Supplement your reading with newspaper or magazine articles and interviews. Your goal is to get to know this person well, giving you plenty of information upon which to base your analyses of his or her personality.

For this assignment you will need to clearly explain the key concepts of each of the eight perspectives of personality from this course. Include the following in your analysis of each of the perspectives: Key Concepts, Key Methods, Key Strengths, Key Weaknesses.

After explaining the 8 theories of Personality, you will analyze this person from ONE of the eight major perspectives addressed in your textbook. For example, if you choose to analyze this person from a Freudian perspective: What do you know about his or her childhood that would be of interest to a psychoanalyst? Does this person seem to be fixated at any stage? What are his or her personal relationships like? What conclusions can you draw? You do not have to believe every part of your analysis, but it must reflect the facts of the individual’s life and the theory you are using.

This assignment provides an integration of the material from this course and the knowledge you have gained thus far in the Psychology program. Your paper must conform to APA style.

This paper should be about 6-8 pages long, not including your title and references pages.

Special Note: This paper should be based on the outline and annotated references that you submitted on earlier in the course. However, the outline and annotated references assignment is a completely separate assignment, which will be graded separately from this paper.

Instructions: Your final paper should include the following contents.

Introduction – Introduce and give a general overview of what you will be covering in the paper and how it relates to this course.
Overview of Theories – Write a paragraph including the Key Concepts of each of the following Theories of Personality:
Trait Theory
Interactionist Theory
Evolutionary Psychology
Biological Aspects of Personality
Behaviorism and Learning Theory
Self-Discrepancy Theory
Humanistic Theory
Case Study
Biography of Celebrity – summary of their life
Theory – choose one of the above theories to explain your celebrity. You will analyze this person from one of the perspectives above. For example, analyze this person from Freudian perspective: Include childhood experiences. Does this person seem to be fixated at any stage or demonstrate aspects of the id, ego, and superego? Have they demonstrated any defense mechanisms?
Conclusions – What conclusions can you draw? You do not have to believe every part of your analysis, but it must reflect the facts of the individual’s life and the theory you are using. Include in first person your reflections.

Papers should conform to APA style, including citation of all sources used (biographical and personality theory). Use Purdue Owl or Lynn’s library website as a resource for APA style. Be sure to cite in the paper every reference used.

Follow the format outline above in organizing your paper: introduction, including a thesis statement, organization of main points, transition statements, evaluating and applying evidence and/or supporting ideas, a concluding paragraph, and reference page.

Grading and Evaluation:

This assignment is worth 20% of your grade in the course
Your grade on this assignment will be based on the following
The quality of your introduction and conclusions
The thoroughness with which you describe EACH of the eight theories we’ve discussed this semester
The appropriateness of the public figure you select for your paper
The quality of the biographical information that you provide on your public figure
The appropriateness of your application of a theory to your public figure
Your use of APA style
The timeliness of your submission (you will lose 5/100 points for each day the assignment is submitted late; papers will not be accepted beyond a week past the due date)

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