Children as important characters

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Children as important characters

Children as important characters

full topic of paper: Children serving as important characters in Fahrenheit 451 and/or Master Harold and the boys.

Thesis; Though children are assumed to not be powerful people, the representation that they display in tough situations show them to be most impactful.

5-7 pages in MLA format. This does not include the Works Cited page.
You may only use refereed academic sources from the Mercy Library.
You must have both primary and at least 3 secondary sources.
You may not use sites such as the following: Schmoop, GradeSaver, GOOLE, Cliff’s Notes, 123 Help Me, etc.

There is a required 5 sources that is needed for this paper. 2 of them (which are the books mentioned in the topic) as well as 3 additional secondary sources that come from my school web based system.

The paper must display a clear view of my topic that should include a thesis statement regarding my topic with the research from the additional sources to support my argument / thesis. Is there anyone that would be able to help have this done by 12/5 at 1130pm in MLA format at least 5 pages with a proper work cited page ?

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