College Dropout Causes and Solution

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College Dropout Causes and Solution

College Dropout Causes and Solution

For this essay assignment, you will be asked to compose a brief, original proposal argument. According to Practical Argument: A Text and Anthology, “the purpose of a proposal argument is to convince people that a problem exists and that your solution is both practical and worthwhile” (552).

You will support your proposal argument with documented research. To complete the assignment, you must compose a proposal argument by identifying a problem in your chosen career or academic major. You should identify the specific problem and suggest a single, feasible solution to the problem. You should clearly state your thesis in the form of a claim statement. You should include appropriate background information that identifies the problem and explains why it needs to be solved. You should not only propose a solution but explain how the solution will solve the problem. Your proposed solution should be supported by evidence.

You should explain the positive results of the proposed solution. You should acknowledge and address any potential objections to the proposal. You must provide a logical, organized conclusion that reinforces the main point of the proposal and includes a strong concluding statement. Include appropriate rhetorical appeals. You may find it helpful to refer to Chapter 15 in Practical Argument: A Text and Anthology for additional information, especially the outline on p. 561 and the template on p. 586. You must use a minimum of FOUR sources to support your argument.

Your minimum of FOUR sources should be broken down as follows among these categories:a book (print) an academic journal (print)a personal interview The remaining sources are left to your discretion. (Avoid using Wikipedia, Cliff Notes, or similar sources. If you have doubts or questions regarding a source you consult, ask the instructor.) Remember that you can use as some of your sources the material taken from the selections in Practical Arguments. Remember to properly cite each text that you use. (For example, if you select two selections from your anthology, then provide a citation for each selection.)

For all citations follow MLA style documentation. Introduce direct quotations. Include parenthetical in-text citations and a list of works cited. Follow standard grammatical conventions. The policy for late papers as outlined in the course syllabus will apply.Your essay should be at least 750 words in length, not counting your list of works cited.

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