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Communication Research

Communication Research

Briefly summarize the research that was conducted in the scholarly article (without excessively quoting directly from the article – summaries should be in your own words and brief). Your summary should ONLY include the following (you do NOT need excessive details about the study design that we have not yet discussed): the purpose of the research the researchers’ main research question(s) their hypothesis/hypotheses (if stated; if not stated, why do you think predictions are not explicitly made?) their main finding(s) and implications (what did the authors find/conclude and what do these findings mean?) What justification or rationale (novelty, originality, creativity, contribution to an ongoing discussion, etc) do the authors provide for doing the study? How does their justification align (or not) with our discussion of justification/rationale from class? Are there justifications that the authors do not state explicitly in the article that you identified while reading? What is the role of theory in the article – does a particular theory drive the article’s purpose and how so? Do the authors discuss how their findings contribute to or inform theory – what do they say? What are the key concepts of interest (that is, the variables or constructs that they set out to measure) that the researches studied? How were these key concepts/variables conceptualized (i.e. how did the authors conceptually define their variables/concepts of interest)? For instance, if they were studying “social media,” how did they conceptually define “social media” as one of their concepts of interest? How were concepts/variables operationalized? How did the authors precisely measure their concepts/variables? Were there clear indicators identified by the authors? For instance, if they were studying “social media,” what aspects (indicators) of social media did they set out to measure and how? How did the researchers address issues of validity and reliability in their study? Often issues of validity and reliability are presented in the methods section of an article (usually where the measures used for the study are described). For instance, if a study uses an established survey to measure “depression,” they will often tell the reader how valid and reliable the survey measure is (sometimes this is reported from previous research that has reported the validity/reliability of the measure they have chosen to borrow). If the researchers did not explicitly discuss validity/reliability, how do you understand validity/reliability to be relevant for this particular study?

Critique the scholarly article

Consider the overall purpose of the study you identified in your summary: Did the researchers achieve their stated aims? Explain why or why not. How do the researchers approach the design of their study? Is it inductive, deductive? Quantitative, qualitative? Or something else? Describe how you know or how you determined whether the study was quant/qual, inductive/deductive or utilized more than one approach? Consider this design of the study (quant/qual, inductive/deductive): Is their approach appropriate for this study? Explain why or why not. Was this research conducted in a way that was thorough and effective? Explain why or why not. How did you come to evaluate the effectiveness of the research? Your answer to these questions should be grounded in concepts from class and not just your opinion. For example, you might highlight how a concept or construct was conceptualized or operationalized – for instance, you could point out what the conceptualization might not have considered that is important for understanding the construct. Or you might highlight what measures were used to operationalize constructs and consider if other measures might have done a better job (or not!) and why. What limitations or difficulties did you observe in the study? (Most research studies identify and discuss their limitations and it’s great to mention limitations that the authors themselves identify, but you should identify others not mentioned.) What could the authors have done to improve upon the study? In your opinion, what was the greatest strength of the study and why?

Application/Reflection – For these questions, you can include your opinion.

Why is it important to understand and evaluate the elements of research as it is presented in scholarly publications? In your opinion, what is the most challenging information/concept to understand in the research article you read? What do you feel like was most confusing and why? Identify and discuss two possible strategies one might use to improve their research literacy skills – that is, what might one do to improve their comprehension and understanding of how research is presented in published writing? Why is this important to do?

Need to answer all questions in paragraph form 12 font, double spaced, Times new roman. Use the file attached to answer all questions.

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