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Communications and Media-Journal Articles

Journal Articles

The Journal Articles Assignment is a research project geared to have you explore current and newsworthy events pertaining to the print industry itself, not just articles that are located in print, but are related to how the print industry itself works or how the industries are adjusting to current and newer competition This includes the newspaper, magazine, and/or book industries. There will be one of these assignments due during the semester.

The assignment will require you to find two (2) articles on the same subject (can be from the same publication or Internet) as long as they are on different dates and are related articles. Any periodical, newspaper, or Internet based articles are accepted as long as they are current (within six (6) months or less). You will combine the two articles into one summary, then form their own conclusion and opinion as the final portion of the paper.

To properly answer the questions for this and subsequent projects, you should have a minimum of three to five pages typed with size 12 font in either Arial or Time New Roman style. For more detailed information and requirements to complete this project successfully, refer to the “Assignments” folder in the class Website.

JOURNAL ARTICLES ASSIGNMENT Mass Media in Modern Society Purpose of assignment: • To become familiar with various print and/or magazine publications. • To become familiar with current issues in the various types of print media. • To learn more about the aspect of the print media and their role in society. HOW TO COMPLETE THE JOURNAL ARTICLE ASSIGNMENT: 1. Visit the magazine section of the school or public library, or utilize the Internet. 2. Pick from any periodical or use any current newspaper to gather your information. 3. Suggestions for newspapers/magazines include but are not limited to: OC Register LA Times Wireless Broadcast & Cable NY Times Time Wired U.S News/World Report Newsweek USA Today Business Week Wall Street Journal

These are suggested, but you can use any publication or the Web that includes relevant information pertaining to the print industry in the media. 4. You should not use tabloid style papers or gossip periodicals for this assignment. (No Enquirer, Star or Globe articles!) 5. Choose an article of interest from one of the publications. Articles should not be over six months old. 6. Choose another article on the same subject from another publication, or from another edition of the same publication. 7. Read and review each article thoroughly. What is the main statement of each article? How do they relate to your subject? 8. Write a summary of the articles which reviews the facts and essential information they contain. Begin your response with a good introductory sentence or paragraph. (This means to begin your summary as if the person reading it has no knowledge of the material). 9. Write a final paragraph in which you state your opinion about the subject of the articles. 10. Submit online in Microsoft Word or an .rtf file via Blackboard on the announced due date. 11. If you don’t have a word processor to use, go to the free Google site for forms: 12. The length should be between 3-5 pages, double-spaced using Times New Roman, Ariel, or Courier font in size 12 type.

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