Community Analysis Outline/Format

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Community Analysis Outline/Format


Community Analysis Outline/Format

Two contiguous census tracts. Analysis submitted via electronic medium which can include photographs, map(s); subject headings are required. THIS assignment is not a summary of data but a comparative, then an analysis by the student of one or two specific questions.

Narratives of the date to prove understanding must be a minimum of one page; with summary analysis 2 – three pages which presents a thorough presentation of needed enhancement to insure community longevity and quality of life. As such this assignment will total.

1. Map of the Outline Community
2. Population (Census) Data, Analysis/Narrative
3. Economic (Census) Data, Analysis/Narrative
4. Housing (Census and Direct Observation) Data, Analysis/Narrative
5. Business Activities (Direct Observation) Data, Analysis/Narrative
6. Physical Characteristics (Direct Observation), Analysis/Narrative
7. Service Conditions and Quality (Direct Observation), Analysis/Narrative
8. Organizational Configuration (Schools, Police, Fire, Agencies, etc.), Narrative
9. Political Data/Registration/Voting/Campaign Activities/Political Leaders, Analysis/Narrative

10. Short Term Needs, Responses, Policy Results
11. Long Term Needs, Responses, Policy Results
12. Letter to/from City Councilperson, or any other elected official
13. Information concerning Community (Newsletter, Article, etc.)
14. Interview with Community Leader or Knowledgeable Resident from Census Tract
(Retain the Release of Information)
15. Warren & Warren (Neighborhood Organizer’s Handbook), Different Types of Neighborhoods and Functions of Neighborhoods for each Census Tract

16. Conclusion and Summary Analysis

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