Cooperative analysis between a book/movie

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Cooperative analysis between a book/movie

Cooperative analysis between a book/movie

For the movie and novel
”Disgrace”you are to write a comparative analysis exploring the similarities and differences between the novel and the movie. Identify key elements between the two (at least three) and explore, in detail, how they are effective or ineffective in their presentations (book and film).

Your introduction should grab the reader’s attention, discuss the book and movie by identifying key aspects (including novelist and director), and state a thesis.

Your main body paragraphs must explore the relationships (or lack of) and/or defining aspects between the two. Discuss, to the depth of your abilities, what works and what doesn’t in translating the book to film.

Your conclusion should shed a new light on the comparisons (in the main body) and you should authoritatively validate which is the more successful mode of storytelling — either novel or film — and explain why.

Essay should be approximately 1000 words (four pages).

Use one reliable book review and one reliable movie review to help frame your discussions.

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