Critique the chosen quantitative research article

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Critique the chosen quantitative research article

Critique the chosen quantitative research article

Purpose/research Problem: Is the purpose of the study/research problem clearly identified?

Literature review: is the review logically organized? Does it offer a balanced critical analysis of the literature? is the majority of the literature of recent origin? is it mainly from primary sources and of an empirical nature?

Theoretical framework: Has a conceptual or theoretical framework been identified? Is the framework adequately described? is the framework appropriate?

Operational definitions methodology: Are all the terms, theories and concepts mentioned in the study dearly defined? is the research design clearly identified? Has the data gathering instrument been described? is the instrument appropriate? How was it developed? Were reliability and validity testing undertaken and the results discussed? Was a pilot study undertaken?

Data Analysis /results: What type of data and statistical analysis was undertaken? Was it appropriate? How many of the sample participated? Significance of the findings?

Discussion: Are the findings linked back to the literature review? if a hypothesis was identified was it supported? Were the strengths and limitations of the study including generalization discussed? Was a recommendation for further research made?

The title should be between 10 and 15 words long and should clearly identify for the reader the purpose of the study.

Purpose/ research problem Literature review Theoretical framework Methodology Data Analysis/ Results Discussion

APA style

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