Does psychotherapy work for ADHD?

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Does psychotherapy work for ADHD?

Does psychotherapy work for ADHD?

Research Design Essay Paper
Due: Nov 17, 2018 at 11:59 PM

Research Design Essay paper – Instructions – Design an experiment for the study of a particular treatment (this could be a type of therapy or a hypothetical new medication) for a Neurological or Psychological Disorder. (Chpts. 4 and 16) You may work together but write up your own report (This is a written analysis research design essay paper) Tunitin is included) . 8-10 pages . SUBMIT as PDF file

1. The Research Question (i.e. Does cognitive therapy work for disorder such as Autistic Disorder? Discuss the disorder . My example.

2. Literature Review – Overview of research on possible treatments used for this disorder. 3-4 journal articles and text

3. Hypothesis – i.e. Cognitive therapy does or does not work for Autistic Disorder? This is your educated guess. My example

4. The Experiment (using control and experimental groups)

a. Experimental Group – receives Cognitive Therapy

b. Control Group – does not receive Cognitive Therapy

5. The Data (describe pre and post tests, survey, or observations, used to obtain data experimental results)

6. Conclusion – about your Hypothesis. (you can make up data to support your conclusion i.e. 95% of the experiment group improved after cognitive therapy – Treatment does or does not work- to prove or disprove your hypothesis) My example

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