Assignment: Prepare a Service Blueprint with Enhancements

Assignment: Prepare a Service Blueprint with Enhancements

Prepare A Service Blueprint with Process

Assignment: Prepare a Service Blueprint with Enhancements


This assignment challenges your ability to identify, capture, sequence, and align process activities in a way that enables clear communication of the process and visibility to all activities, including those that are unseen by the customer.  Create a service blueprint that depicts an overnight stay in a nationally-recognized hotel chain.  Your blueprint should capture the process, which begins with a client’s call to the reservationist and ends with checkout and departure the following day.

In addition to your service blueprint, prepare a brief description of two procedures that prevent or block mistakes in the hospitality service process.  These process applications are commonly referred to as ‘poka-yokes’ – roughly translated from Japanese into English as ‘error or mistake-proofing’.

Length: Your Service Blueprint should span 1-2 pages and may be built using any program of your choosing.  It must be accompanied by a one-page description of your mistake-proofing process enhancements indicated above, including in-text citations.  Include a brief introduction that broadly describes the contents of your assignment.

Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic.  Your response should also reflect professional business writing and current APA standards.


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