English exam assignment

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English exam assignment

English exam assignment

The protagonists in the literary works studied this semester, Macbeth, Catcher in the Rye and A Complicated Kindness, are each forced to deal with internal conflicts. While some may argue that these characters persevere in the face of their challenges, others may suggest the characters succumb to the struggles they face.

Select one of the following theme statements and write an essay arguing either in favour of it or against it, using the three texts studied in this course as evidence.

Struggle is a necessary condition for personal growth. Overcoming obstacles is impossible without the help and support of others. People never truly change. Your response should include all the components of an essay (introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion), including a clearly defined, argumentative thesis statement. Each body paragraph should refer to a different text studied in this course and should use specific examples from that text to support your ideas – these examples do not need to be direct quotations, but should describe specific moments, characters, descriptions, etc. .

You are not allowed to use the texts or your notes during the exam.

Please review the following rubric, which will be used to assess your completed essay.

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