English-Explain an “abstract”

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English-Explain an “abstract”

Explain an “abstract” word or phrase by relating it to a specific context or audience that is associated with your own personal heritage. For example, one might write an essay on what “raised right” means to a person born in the South or what “love” means to college freshman. Your explanation should define this word for this specific context by answering the three main journalistic questions. Selection of a sufficiently limited context is essential in this assignment. Though it may seem paradoxical, writing about a smaller audience is usually far easier than writing about a large, poorly-defined group. The essay does not have to explain everything about the concept. The goal is to write an interesting, coherent essay about the concept, so some essays might focus on the reasons why the concept might change meaning in different contexts while others might focus on describing the people involved or showing how the meaning can change over time. This essay has many possibilities, but good essays will be focused and detailed.

Organization: The introduction should identify the concept and forecast the rest of the paper by offering a thesis which explains what the concept means to the particular group you are talking about. The body should answer the three main journalistic questions, using examples and specific detail drawn from your personal knowledge, experience, and research. The conclusion should reemphasize the thesis but should explore the larger significance for understanding this word in this particular context; for example, the conclusion might discuss the implications of this unique meaning, its effect on those who subscribe to this definition, its social value, its probable future, how this definition agrees and/or disagrees with other groups, or some other significance of the concept for this group. The conclusion should also answer the question, “So what?”

A successful essay will choose a concise thesis statement appropriate for a 3-4 page essay that outlines the vision for the paper. The essay will provide detailed evidence for all statements or claims, offering a full portrait of either the ritual or the abstract term in context. Through the essay’s structure and content, the writer will demonstrate his/her developing mastery of the expectations for college writing. 
These include:
1. A specific thesis statement that clearly tells the reader the route your essay will take.
2.Strong, controlling topic sentences that are directly related to the content of your paragraphs.
3. Supporting paragraphs that consistently point back to the plan outlined in your thesis.
4.An introduction and conclusion that creatively appeals to the reader
.5.Consistent use of evidence to support your thesis.

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