English Paper-Descriptive writing

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English Paper-Descriptive writing

Descriptive writing

A story in 200-400 words of dialogue. Try listening to people (stealthily, of course) as they talk to each other-in a cafe, outside an office building, on the elevator, etc. Do not use a tape recorder or take notes while you are listening, but try writing as soon as possible once you are alone. The dialogue you create in your finished product should not be a perfect transcript of what the people said-rather, it should come from your memory and be filtered through your own ear, and if you need to add a fictional exchange or two, you may. Make sure the spoken words sound realistic, but at the same time avoid including unnecessary small talk or filler words like “um” and ?uh.”

describe the speakers and setting as sparingly as possible: “the man,” “the woman,” “the boy on the Brooklyn Bridge,” “the girl eating pizza,” etc. For the word count, ​I will consider only the dialogue​, not any descriptions or attributions.

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