Ethics in Television Assignment

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Ethics in Television Assignment


Ethics in Television Assignment


For this assignment, you are required to find an episode of a television show or a film with an ethical dilemma.

Your first paragraph should contain the title of the show/film, introduce the character(s), explain the moral dilemma and include the theory that you are using (one theory). In addition, provide any necessary background information that I might need to know in the first paragraph. Background information should not exceed 150 words.

For this paper, you must demonstrate knowledge of two theories. You argue for one position. Then, you take a critics position and argue for another theory. Lastly, you explain why the criticism fails.

For example, you argue that Clark Kent is a utilitarian. Then, an opposing party might argue that he is a virtue ethicist, so you explain that position. Then, you’ll explain why the opposing party fails.

The following theories are acceptable: nihilism, ethical relativism (either ethical subjectivism or cultural relativism, but you cannot use both), utilitarianism, Kantianism, virtue ethics, and ethical egoism

I must have access to the television show or film. I have access to both Netflix and Amazon. A YouTube clip will also work, but please cite the film AND include the YouTube link. In addition, indicate where the dilemma in the film occurs. For example, at the bottom of the works cited page indicate that the dilemma occurs 45 mins (or however long) into the film. (This part is just for my reference, so it will not be in the MLA handbook)

Your assignment should be in MLA format, be 1000-1200 words, and include a works cited page. (Works cited page is not included in the word count) You must have a minimum of 4 sources including the film. You must use a minimum of 5 in-text citations and are required to use your textbook and/or D2L reading assignments as sources. Please double space and use 12-point font. (Note: You can use each chapter as a different source)

Your turnitin summary should not exceed 22%.

Things to remember when writing an essay: (I will take off points)

Never use the phrase “In today’s society”
Do not use the word “pretty” to describe an amount
Make sure your subject and verb agree.
Don’t use excessive adjectives or words
Do not add additional space between paragraphs
Indent all paragraphs
Use a creative title
You need to italicize films or a series; You use quotations for a particular episode
Do not include how great or amazing a particular philosopher is.
Eliminate the word “truly”
Do not use the phrases “whether or not”. Whether already implies either.
Your essay will be graded on knowledge of theory, creativity, grammar/spelling, MLA format, and word count

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