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ETHICS & PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY FINAL EXAM THE RAINMAKER After viewing the movie "The Rainmaker," identify 10 instances (5 points each, 50 points in total) in the movie in which the Rules of Professional Conduct or the Paralegal Code of Ethics were violated. (Assume the setting of the story was Illinois rather than Tennessee). Include for each instance: a) the name(s) of the characters involved (Rudy Baylor, Bruiser, Deck Shiffler, Leo Drummond, First Judge, Second Judge, Miss Birdie, Jackie Lamancyzk). 1 point b) a description of the facts surrounding the alleged violation. 1 point c) a description/explanation of the alleged violation and why it is a violation. 2 points d) the number of the Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct allegedly violated. If the “paralawyer” in the firm violates a rule, you may give the rule of the Paralegal Code of Ethics (from the Illinois Paralegal Association) that is allegedly violated. THE RULE MUST BE PINPOINTED AND IDENTIFIED. For example RPC 1.4 (D)(2) or IPA 6.3(a). 1 point NO RULE VIOLATION CAN BE USED MORE THAN ONCE. USE THE LATEST RULES (NOT THE RULES REPLACED ON JANUARY 1, 2010). YOU CAN USE A RULE THAT I HAVE NOT TAUGHT IN CLASS (FOR EXAMPLE, RULE 3.5 WHICH CONCERNS IMPARTIALITY AND DECORUM IN THE TRIBUNAL)

This final exam is due Tuesday, February 12, at noon. You can email the exam to me by noon if you are not coming to class (which will be in the RMU Library on that day). You may talk to another student about the movie but complete the exam alone. If I suspect that students have worked together, I will submit the papers to the Dean and request sanctions.

COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL EXAMPLE 1. a) Rudy and Deck b) They chased an ambulance into the hospital after they witnessed an auto accident and followed the people into the emergency room handing out their cards. c) This violates the rules against solicitation of clients because clients are vulnerable after an accident and deserve privacy. d) RPC Rule 1.9(d)(2)(a).

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