Film and Philosophy

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Film and Philosophy

Film and Philosophy

The paper should be at least six full double-spaced pages of text. You are welcome to use whatever bibliographical / citational system you like, as long as you do so consistently.

Sources I reccomend to use are:

Film: “embrace of the serpent” and analysis
Embrace of the Serpent” is a stunning look at colonialism and the clash between Western worldviews and the traditional philosophies used by indigenous people to understand their environment. When thinking about the film and its themes, two opposing words come to mind: savagery and knowledge.


Connect the film to philosohy. Film includes the colonization of the amazonian tribes and the white man’s persuit of the
Chukra plant, also known as ayahuasca or Dimethyltriptimine.

Philosophers to keep in mind our Jacques Lacan and Emmanuelle Kant. You are free to use more if need be. Call me for any questions at 516–946–3070

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