How does compensation lead to staff rete

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How does compensation lead to staff rete


How does compensation lead to staff rete


Research idea While I was surfing the internet, I came across an article that was discussing the challenge of staff retention in the HR Department of Traditional Banks in Abu Dhabi are facing when it comes to staff retention. In a study sample of more than 300 HR employees in UAE, about 60 percent pointed staff retention as the biggest challenge that should be an area of focus in the next couple of years according to the news released by (Gulf New,2017). I went further to research the topic in Google Scholar, and I discovered there is a research gap. There are various empirical studies relevant to this topic, and I believe it has not enjoyed the much-needed attention that is required. I will take the responsibility of conducting a qualitative review of this topic. My wish would be to brainstorm solutions to overcome the challenge of low staff retention.

Research Question How does compensation lead to staff retention at Financial Institutions
in Abu Dhabi ?
Research design
Evaluative Design
Concept 1
staff retention
Concept 2
Compensation applying in Financial Institutions in Abu Dhabi.

Research Aim The aim of this research is to evaluate the compensation at Financial Institutions in Abu Dhabi and staff retention.
The verb (evaluate) is a component of the Bloom’s Taxonomy table.
Explain how your research is related to UAE context UAE is one of the regions that is experiencing a low rate of staff retention. The financial institutions will be the main beneficiaries of this research. My topic is related to the vision of attaining proper organizational structure.
Explain how your topic is related to Quality and/or Business Excellence In my research, I found out that in any company, staff retention is considered one of the main factors contributing to quality and business excellence.
Concept 1: Staff retention, According to Son (2010) retaining staff helps in maintaining experienced workers and also in employees motivation hence playing a big part in business excellence.
Concept 2: Compensation is the integration of salaries, wages, and benefits an employee receives in exchange for work (Gupta & Shaw, 2014).

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