Impression Management

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Impression Management


Impression Management


Write a short paper on implicit personality theory and impression management that engages the following:

What is implicit personality theory?

Explain how a person would use this theory in order to enhance his or her impression management.

Find an article or a book on a celebrity, politician, or athlete who used impression management to create a certain image.
What role might implicit personality theory have played in regards to how this individual worked to create or enhance his or her image?

What are the implications of impression management or implicit personality theory for social welfare or social change?

Support your reasoning with evidence.

Finally, how have you used impression management to enhance your own personal or professional image?
Be specific.
Did changing one aspect of your image affect other aspects of your image?

Submit a paper of two to three double-spaced pages, submitted in Microsoft Word, with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, title page, subject headers, and all sources cited in APA style within the text and in the reference section.

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