Infancy Assignment Paper

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Infancy Assignment Paper

Infancy Assignment Paper

Replies ch-4 infancy 1. Choose a different question for each reply: two replies are required 2. Select and answer one question asked by a classmate from the perspective of a developmental expert. You can supplement with personal examples as well. 3. Use information from our textbook, class presentations, and/or Scripture to substantiate your answers. 4. Identify your source(s) of information with an APA formatted citation and corresponding reference entry. 5. Include 250 words for each reply.

ANSWER 1 QUESTIONS Physical Development: Should I be concerned that I feel my child is not eating enough or well due to being a picky eater and is she/he getting enough nutrition?

1. Cognition Development: How can I get my child to speak two languages, speak faster, and sustain his/her attention doing so and what are some things I can do and at what age?

2. Emotional Development: Why has my child become too attached to me, making her/him cry when I try to leave at babysitters and will this fade or should I worry?

3. Psychosocial Development: Should I allow my 4-month-old child to cry or should I run to her/him every cry and why?

4. Spiritual Development: Do you think it is beneficial to take my child to church and discuss our beliefs, even if he/she is not old enough to understand and why?

ANSWER 1 QUESTIONS 1. Physical Domain: How much sleep should my four-month-old be getting and what is the longest stretch of sleep I can expect?

2.Physical Domain: What skills should my six-month-old have and what should I expect to see in the next 3 months?

3. Cognitive domain: Why is my 13-month-old consistently knocking items off tables and getting into things?

4. Psychosocial domain: I’ve noticed that my 22-month-old is more apt to play fight with me than with others, why is this?

5. Spiritual domain: How can I foster a strong connection to God?

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