Informatics and Patient Safety

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Informatics and Patient Safety

Informatics and Patient Safety Review the Aircraft Video

The aircraft carrier in the video, nuclear power plants, chemical plants, and electrical power facilities are all examples of high reliability organizations. Each of these is complex and technologically sophisticated, yet each has found ways to compensate for human limitations by forming lines of defense.

Based on your assigned readings and professional literature search, complete the following discussion assignment and post/reply directly to this discussion section. Think about the organization in which you currently work or one in which you have worked in the past and post your response to the following.

Could this organization be characterized as highly complex or technologically sophisticated?

Would you call it a high reliability organization? (NYU- added documents about our HRO)

Discuss this in terms of the new knowledge you have obtained in this unit regarding the impact of Informatics and how Informatics can be used to create a high reliability healthcare? (on my unit, we measure medication reconciliation and wait times, I work in pre admission testing)

Remember: While your opinion is valuable, you must provide support with evidence from the literature by citing the author/s and date/s of the source/s to the body of your posting. Please provide two questions for further dicussion

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