Intervention Report

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Intervention Report


Intervention Report



1- Document (1 – Real Example of Intervention Report (For information only)): This document will be used only to see how the intervention report is needed, it is arranged well and elaborated in terms of data (real examples and numbers), I need to do the same, please.

2- Document (2- HR (Organizational Development) Intervention Completion Report Template (Strict Guidelines)): This document will be used only to support in creating this report, if you go through it you can see the points are all used in the example report in document one, so all points need to be covered in this report.

3- Document (3- Needed Intervention Report (Scratches)): This is the real core of the intervention report need to be created, you can see the points need to be covered with full detailed examples, also numbers need to be given.

4- Charts (at least 2), Tables (at least 2), Interview with customer service agents (at least 1), Books, Journals, Company reports, all are required in this report.

5- Outcomes of intervention need to be presented clearly and also recommendations need to be added.

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