Judicial Selection

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Judicial Selection


Judicial Selection


The purpose of this writing assignment is to evaluate the current method of judicial selection in Texas and consider whether an alternative method might be more desirable. The structure of this second writing assignment mirrors the first. Please use the following outline to structure this 2 page, typed, double spaced paper.

I. Explain how Texas judges (with the exception of municipal judges) are selected. Describe some potential problems with this type of selection process. Examples may include the perception of justice being bought, possibility that there is favoritism towards attorneys who donate to a judge’s political campaign, political pressure to impose harsher penalties, etc. (40 points)

II. What are some options for change? Some examples may be judicial appointment by the governor, or the creation of a commission to appoint judges. (20 points)

III. Make a recommendation, considering the political realities of Texas. Would legislators of one or both parties oppose your recommendation? Would the public be interested in such changes or would they be indifferent. What are the chances of your recommendation being passed by the legislature? (20 points)

IV. Draw a final conclusion about the need for a change in the way judges are selected in Texas and the political feasibility of your recommendation. In this section I will also take into consideration the format, spelling and grammatical aspects of the paper. (20 points)

Please be sure to answer ALL 4 parts of this paper.

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