legal connections: criminal and tort stm

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legal connections: criminal and tort stm


legal connections: criminal and tort stm


Overarching theme for criminal/tort stream:

Is the criminal law always necessary, or would a remedy in tort suffice?
John is driving along a country road and realises he is lost. He sees a dirt track ahead, and decides he will use it to turn around. He pulls into it, and immediately reverses back onto the road without looking. He drives straight into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist, resulting in a serious collision. The motorcyclist sustains serious injuries that leave him paralysed.

John is sued for personal injury by the motorcyclist as a result of his negligent driving. He is also convicted of dangerous driving as per the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Is it necessary that John is convicted of the criminal offence of dangerous driving in addition to his liability to pay damages to the motorcyclist?

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