Lifespan Development Observations

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Lifespan Development Observations

Lifespan Development Observations Project For this assignment you will observe the behaviors of two individuals from two different developmental stages. Your observations may occur anywhere, they can be of friends/family or of strangers in a public area such as a mall or park.

First, review Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development and Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages in the textbook and using online resources. Then, observe the behaviors of two individuals, each from a different developmental stage (infant/toddler, young child, adolescent, adult, elderly adult). In an APA formatted essay paper include the following: • Discuss Piaget’s and Erickson’s stages that apply to the ages you chose. Include information about the typical characteristics associated with the specific stage, the age or age range it aligns with, and the main behaviors the theorists asserted are observed during the stage. • Describe the individuals you observed for each stage, include their age, a brief physical description, where the observation occurred and the particular behaviors noted. Please do not include specific personal information such as names or a particular address etc. in order to protect the privacy of your subjects. • Explain how the behaviors of the individuals you observed align with the characteristics associated with the particular Piaget and Erickson stages for the ages you chose. Describe behaviors you noted that are in line with the two theories. Discuss behaviors observed that do not align with the particular stage of the two theories. • Discuss any strengths or weaknesses noted about the theories based on your observations.

Requirements: The paper must be a minimum of two pages (one page per individual observed). You must use the textbook as a reference. Remember to follow APA guidelines with respect to a title page, within text citations, and references. (SLO 3a-c)

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