Managing Corporate Issues and Crises

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Managing Corporate Issues and Crises

Public Relation Crisis Response

Managing Corporate Issues and Crises

Choose one of the following brands that has faced a consistent barrage of crises over the past few years. You are the head of corporate communication for either United Airlines or Uber. In the recent past, your organization has experienced multiple crises that have tarnished your brand’s reputation, but you have been brought on to help lead the recovery. Currently, your brand is seen as a company that puts profit first, with a weak internal culture that is notorious for poor customer service. While customers continue to use your service, most of them are doing it begrudgingly because other options are limited. Consumer surveys and studies continue to rate your brand as one of the least trustworthy in the US. Imagine you have been given a healthy and reasonable budget to execute on realistic plans.

Section 1: Use the first part of your paper to explain what’s happening and what needs to happen. What will be your key messages? What media outlets will you target (be specific)? What angles will you use to get reporters to cover your company in a positive light? How will you use paid, earned, shared, and owned media to change the image of your brand? Is there an event, a milestone, or another publicity generator that you can use? Who will speak on behalf of your company and why? Remember to focus on communication strategies (not just ways to “fix” the problems). Conclude this section with any policy or corporate changes you may recommend. Use this part of your paper to elaborate your plan for recovery. If possible, use data, case studies, or other companies in similar situations to prove that your plan will work. (About 3-5 pages)

Section 2: Produce a statement about a new day at Uber/United and describe how it would be distributed. If you plan to utilize a written statement, write it out in totality. If you plan to utilize a video statement, produce an actual video (You can make it privately available on YouTube or provide another link within your final paper). Be clear on who the statement would be coming from. (1-page or 1-minute video)

Section 3: Produce a Q&A document for your media spokesperson. What would be 
the 7-12 most challenging questions they can expect to receive from media and other key stakeholders? Provide carefully thought-out responses to each question. Use satisfy, bridge, and steer whenever possible. (About 3-4 pages).

Section 4: Draft a press release that announces something positive on behalf of your industry. Include quotes, relevant data, boilerplate statement, or any other pertinent information. (1-2 pages)

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