Models of Cultural Change.

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Models of Cultural Change.

Models of Cultural Change.

This assignment is for my cultural sociology class.
we have studied how culture can be used to explain social/economical structure of society and vice versa or how culture works independently.

You have to answer the following question in this context.

“Explain how exogenous, ecological, and paradigmatic models of cultural change differ from one another. Pick a cultural object and describe how you would analyze it from each perspective. (You may use the cultural object from your research project.)”

While writing this paper, avoid using outside sources at all costs. If you must borrow ideas from outside sources to briefly explain each model of cultural change then please please cite them.

I’m attaching the assigned readings from my class that you should use material from to give examples of how culture is studied from each perspective. and how they exhibit different models of cultural change.

In first part of paper, explain the above mentioned models of studying cultural change, differentiate between each based on assigned readings and how each readings follow these models or not. Heavily incorporate examples from these readings.

Second part, explain how you would analyze the object mentioned below according to each perspective.

My object for research project is evolution of lipstick over time, I have not started the research but my plan is to analyze the change in Packaging, popular shades and naming of the shades over 10 year period and to see if there is a pattern of social change or any other factor that has brought about these changes.

You can use these elements to explain how you would model a cultural study of lipstick according to each models of cultural change.

Essay Grading Rubric

This is the rubric for writing and grading of this paper, please follow these guidelines carefully.

Your essay grade will be based on:

— [70%] the strength, clarity, and coherence of your argument, which includes demonstrating your understanding of the course material and your ability to apply it

— [30%] writing mechanics

Grading Rubric

For essays, I grade content and mechanics/composition separately. Each is graded on a 1-3 point scale, which are then weighted and summed.

Combined grade scoring (although this may be adjusted due to curving):

3.0 = A
2.0 = B
1.4 = C
0.8 = D
0.0 = F

Grading Rubric


3 = Essay has a clearly stated thesis. Argument is logical, well-developed, and well-supported by evidence and/or relevant literature. Writer draws upon multiple relevant sources. Each paragraph clearly contributes to developing the main thesis. Argument is fully developed. Writer demonstrates a correct understanding of the material.

2 = Thesis statement may be clear or somewhat vague. Argument is logical but under-developed. Support for argument is lacking and/or is merely asserted. Writer draws upon a single source or only briefly refers to multiple sources. Argument may wander; the relevance of paragraphs/sentences to the thesis may be unclear. Writer demonstrates a good understanding of the material, with minor inaccuracies and/or omissions.

1 = Thesis statement may be clear, somewhat vague, or very vague. Argument is severely under-developed. Essay may be almost entirely summary, with only cursory development of an argument. The essay wanders; it is not clear why the author conveys the information that they do. Writer demonstrates a weak understanding of the material, with one or more major inaccuracies and/or omissions.

0 = Essay lacks a thesis and/or argument, or only partially follows instructions. Writer demonstrates a very weak understanding of the material, with one or more major inaccuracies and/or omissions.


3 = Only occasional errors in spelling, grammar, and sentence construction.

2 = Frequent errors in spelling, grammar, and/or sentence construction which DO NOT interfere with reading comprehension.

1 = Frequent errors in spelling, grammar, and/or sentence construction which DO interfere with reading comprehension.

0 = Severe mechanical problems which severely interfere with reading comprehension.

Note: If assignment instructions are not followed, the essay grade is an F, regardless of the above.

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