Module 5 Assignment: Write a News-Feature Story

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Module 5 Assignment: Write a News-Feature Story

Write a News-Feature Story


In this assignment, you will write a news-feature story for The Gainesville Sun using the information provided. Make sure that you have completed the assigned reading(s) and watched the lecture(s) from Module 4 and 5 before you begin this assignment. Review the rubric before you begin to determine how your work will be assessed.

Your story should be about one and a half pages double-spaced. Identify the type of soft lead you are using (referring to types of leads in Chapter 7 in your textbook) and label the nut graph.

Do not assume the following is correct in terms of grammar or punctuation. You are responsible for AP Style issues covered in the lectures "Using AP Style: Part 1" and "Using AP Style: Part 2," as well as the rules covered in the AP Style Quick Guide 2018

. Check your work carefully, each fact error in your story is -20 points. Fact Sheet

Source of information: Deb Bordeaux, owner of Hoggtowne Music in Hunters Crossing Shopping Center "The deer must have come over from the Millhopper area. I didn’t see them in the parking lot but understand that they were startled by people and both started running. One deer came crashing through the window of my store and pushed over a display of musical instruments. I was worried that it would hurt someone. It ran into a customer and then jumped behind the register."

"Everything was chaos in here until my assistant yelled for someone to open the front door. I guess one of the customers did, and then, just in a flash, the deer was gone, out the door and gone."

"I would estimate that it caused about $1000 in damage."

Happened about 1:30 p.m. About ten customers were in the store. No one was hurt.

Window will need to be replaced. Store remains open for business.

Deer was a female, white-tailed deer.

Source of information: Howard Michaelson, owner of Starbucks in Hunters Crossing Shopping Center "I was outside arranging items in our sidewalk sale when I saw two does come running across the parking lot. Suddenly, they split up, and one of them was headed straight for me. It leaped right past me, smashing through our front door."

"The deer have been our neighbors since the shopping center opened. No way anything like this has ever happened before."

Starbucks is three doors down from Hoggtowne Music. Six customers were inside at the time. The deer went to the back of the store, trying to jump over a table where two customers were sitting. It slipped. It didn’t seem hurt. Turned around and ran back out. Store didn’t lose any merchandise. Door will cost about $900 to fix. No customers were hurt.

Source of information: Brad Woodleigh, professor in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida Deer are usually shy around humans. "Sometimes during mating season they can behave in unusual ways."

In North Central Florida, mating season typically is October-January but can last into February.

"Deer don’t hurt people directly, but sometimes their lives come in conflict with ours."

The deer at Hunters Crossing probably came from the nearby woods at Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park. White-tailed deer are the most populous big-game animal in North America, with about 700,000 of them in Florida. Even with hunting allowed during hunting season, the deer population is increasing – also causing an increase in deer-related car wrecks in Florida in the past decade.

Submission Requirements

Your completed assignment should be approximately one and a half pages double-spaced, in 11 point Arial font, saved as Word (*.doc, *.docx) file,

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