Movie questionaries part 2

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Movie questionaries part 2

Movie questionaries part 2

Watch 3 movies and answer the question separately. Meaning watch the movie (of your choosing on the list below)then answer the question then watch the second movie (of your choosing on the list below) then answer the questions. Questions should only be answer at least a paragraph.

Cast Away

Stand By Me

We Are Marshall


Primer (on YouTube)

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Please watch the movie and then answer the following Questions 1) What were you thinking as you finished watching the film? 2) What did you feel were the strengths of the film? 3) The weaknesses? 4) How did the Cinematography help tell the story? 5) What image(s) or idea(s) resonated with you? 6) What was the strongest emotion that you felt while watching the movie? 7) Which one of the six film elements do you think was the strongest in the film..and why?(the 6-­acting ,script, lighting, camera, editing, sound) 8) Would you recommend this film?

Watch 3 movies and answer the questions separately.

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