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Music Paper

Music Paper

I am using the Thanksgiving Parade as my topic for this paper. I went the day of November 22 at 9:00am. There are various singers and bands that performed during this parade.
This is the link of the entire parade if you did not go:

Written assignments are to be presented as an academic work, with an introduction, body and conclusion. Do not list.

When listening to music, you need to be an active listener to appreciate the work. If the concert has more than one work being performed, you may choose one or more to discuss.

If you attend a classical music concert, include the following in your discussion:

Title of the work
Date of 1st performance
Soloist(s) (either instrumental or vocal or both)
Type(s) of orchestra/instrumentation – full, string quartet, piano and orchestra etc.
Style of work(s)- jazz, classical, contemporary classical, works from musicals etc

For your paper, you may need to research the composer to fully understand the form and structure of the work. You will need to place the work in a time period such as the Baroque Era or Romantic Period from the date of the 1st performance. This will assist you in your analysis of the work.

What instruments are being featured either through individual solos or group?
Use the vocabulary from class to describe in as much detail what you heard.

Remember that music is also visual – look at the performers and describe their movements, intensity or emotional involvement in the performance.

If you attend another style of musical concert (Rock, Rap, R & B, Reggae etc), use the above list and determine which aspects would apply to this particular performance. Add any important information to assist in your discussion. In the case of a rock, rap or other style concert, lighting and other enhancers such as screens and smoke will add to the experience and will need to be included in your paper. Remember that I am not there with you. Tell me what you see and hear.

****Most Important- your reaction to this performance and why.

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