Paper #2: A Discovery Report

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Paper #2: A Discovery Report

Paper #2: A Discovery Report (36 points; see the rubric in the Appendix)

⦁ The objectives for this paper include expanding your knowledge on the topic and developing skills in information analysis and integrative thinking by synthesizing similar or disparate ideas from multiple sources to form a holistic perspective.
⦁ Read (selectively and multiple times) and annotate relevant credible sources, which include texts available on professional websites, such as As you read, begin establishing a dialogue among sources by comparing ideas and themes in the literature.
⦁ As you are making more discoveries about the topic, refine your research questions, determine the focal point of the paper, and select proper evidence to support your argument. Make use of your weekly Research Journal entries in composing the text.
⦁ The paper should be organized in the following way:

⦁ Introduction: This is where you introduce the topic, some of the larger guiding issues most evident in the sources texts, and your main point/argument.
⦁ Body: The narrative should focus on main themes (do not list articles) from the sources that support your thesis/focal point. You should be able to demonstrate how authors think alike or diverge from one another’s point of view. It is important to organize the evidence from the literature by attending to a logical division of ideas/themes, NOT BY ARTICLES. In other words, you will display your understanding of research on a given topic by identifying important works, pointing to agreement or disagreement, or controversy, or particular approaches to problem solution.
⦁ Conclusion: This is where you round up your paper. Be sure to recapitulate your thesis and identify further implications about the topic.
⦁ Your final draft should contain references to (at least) 5 sources.
⦁ Compile personal corpus #2 with vocabulary items derived from the readings. In addition to the new terms/concepts (as many as you find necessary), corpus #2 should include at least 10 academic collocations and/or lexico-grammatical bundles.
⦁ Refer to the evaluation rubric in the Appendix before submitting a draft.
⦁ Follow APA.
⦁ Submit draft 1 as scheduled for informal evaluation.
⦁ Revise draft #1 very carefully paying close attention to instructor’s feedback on content, structure, and form.
⦁ Submit draft #2; revise draft #2.
⦁ Submit final draft for grading.

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