PHI 103 Week 5 Discussion 1

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PHI 103 Week 5 Discussion 1

PHI 103 Week 5 Discussion 1

 You confront arguments every day. In our digital age, however, they do not merely happen in face-to-face gatherings. Media and social media are often used to convey arguments. What aspects of what you have learned in this class apply to the analysis of such arguments? Keep these considerations in mind as you complete this week’s discussion.

Your instructor will choose the discussion question and post it as the first post in the discussion forum. The requirements for the discussion this week are a minimum of four posts on four separate days, including responses to at least two classmates. The total combined word count for all of your posts for this discussion, counted together, should be at least 600 words. Answer all the questions in the prompt, and read any resources that are required to complete the discussion properly.

DISCUSSION PROMPT: The Value of Logic in Life

One of the advantages of learning logic and critical thinking is that it can benefit all areas of one’s life. The ability to research all sides before arriving at a position on an issue, the humility to consider opposing points of view in a fair minded way, the wisdom to evaluate the quality of reasoning for and against decisions, the capacity to recognize and avoid logical fallacies, and the skill to be able to construct effective reasoning all can benefit one’s life by helping one: To arrive at positions that are most justified by the evidence (and therefore more likely to be true), to make decisions with a more comprehensive perspective of the different points of view, to better understand other people’s perspectives, to be more clear and persuasive in one’s reasoning, and to avoid making decisions that are not carefully thought through and to make decisions that are rationally justified.

Reflect: This discussion will discuss specific ways in which the study of logic and critical thinking can benefit you in your personal life. Some general categories you might consider are:

  • Performing at the highest level in your education
  • Achieving your potential in your career
  • Effectively using your time and skills
  • Intelligently managing your finances
  • Making responsible investments/purchases
  • Not falling for scams of any kind
  • Improving personal relationships
  • Correcting bad habits and developing good ones
  • Choosing a path in life that one finds most personally fulfillment
  • Or another relevant possibility

Write: In your response, present and explain at least twoareas of your life that can be benefitted by using logic and critical thought (you may choose from the list above or use another area of life). Then provide at least one specificexample each of how logic and critical thought can be applied to those areas of life (one example was given in the interactive exercise from week one, of how you could use logic to demonstrate to your boss that you deserve a raise). Conclude by discussing in more general terms how the further application of these skills can provide you will more success and fulfillment in that area of life.

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