Philosophy final paper

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Philosophy final paper


Philosophy final paper


Assignment Description:
The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate the skills that you have been developing throughout the semester in presenting and evaluating philosophical arguments/theories. This final paper will be an expository presentation and evaluation of one argument/theory from any of the readings we have done this semester.
Your paper should focus on:
1) briefly introducing the topic and your thesis in the introduction,
2) reconstructing and presenting an argument or theory from a selected primary text, and
3) evaluating the argument/theory (i.e., take issue with, or defend, some aspect of the argument/theory).

Additional Guidelines:
– You must have a thesis and argue for it. The thesis you will end up defending should be made
clear early in the paper (i.e., in the introductory paragraph). “I will discuss X’s paper” or “I will discuss whether or not X’s position is too demanding” is not a thesis statement. “I will defend X’s claim/argument for Y,” or “I will argue that the X’s objection to Y fails” is a thesis statement.
– Before you argue for your thesis, you will have to carefully explain the relevant background.

Feel free to use the following to outline the structure and arguments for your paper:
My thesis is:

Summary of primary text argument/theory:

The main premises of my argument for my thesis are:

The central response/objection to my argument that I will consider is:

This response/objection attacks which part, or step in reasoning, in my argument?

My reply to the objection is:

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