Policy Brief Overview

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Policy Brief Overview

Policy Brief Overview

The country has to be from lower middle income or upper middle income only.

You will choose a maternal and child health issue and write a policy brief. Your policy brief should follow the example that is posted to iCollege. It should include the following sections:

Introduction Nature and magnitude of problem Affected populations Risk factors Economic and social consequences Priority action steps

It should include at least five credible sources, and one of these sources must be from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal. I estimate that your finished brief should be approximately one and a half to two pages long.

Tips for this assignment

Narrow down your topic. For example, you should not choose “children’s health.” This is too broad. Instead, choose respiratory disease in children. Understand the difference between the terms “consequences” and “risk factors.” A risk factor is something that places a person at greater RISK of developing a disease or being exposed to a condition. These risk factors can be either social, economic, cultural, or biological. Be sure to consider ALL appropriate/relevant risk factors. “Consequences” means: what happens if this issue is prevalent in a population? Priority action steps: This is NOT your opinion! This is what a reputable health organization or expert in the field says needs to happen if the issue is to be properly addressed. Do NOT wait until the day the assignment is due to start writing! Even though this is a “short” assignment, you are being challenged to condense a lot of information into a short paper. This takes skill…and time!

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