political culture of Canada and America

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political culture of Canada and America

political culture of Canada and America

What are some essential elements of the Canadian political culture, and how is it different from the American political culture?
In your view is the Canadian political culture becoming more ‘Americanised’?
Discuss with reference to two examples.


• As a rule of thumb, the introduction should take up between 10 to 15% of the paper
• The introduction serves as a roadmap to the paper; hence in the introduction you should give your reader a sense of what he/she can expect to see in your paper
• A compelling introduction would also have something meaningful to say about the problem or question under investigation, for instance, why this problem or question is significant in its own right or is an important one to consider


• You will notice that each question is made up of descriptive and analytical sub-questions, or the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ questions respectively. Obviously, there is more scope for you to inject your opinion into the paper where the latter is concerned
• As you write your paper, aim for breadth and depth: answer each sub-question, and do so in as detailed a manner as possible, but more attention (in terms of length) should be paid to the analytical than the descriptive sub-question
• You will have to use your judgement as to what you should include and exclude in your paper. On this note, I will be happy to look over a one-page outline of your paper if you need help
• You must use four research sources in total as mentioned above. It is your task to ensure that these sources are reputable ones


• The conclusion should take up between 10 to 15% of the paper
• At minimum it serves as a reminder of the main ‘talking’ points of the paper
• A compelling conclusion, however, is more than a simple summary or repetition of the paper – rather it synthesises what has come before and successfully draws a connection between the main talking points of the paper

D) Useful Resources

Writing is a craft – the more you write, you better at it you will become. Think of the writing process in terms of a diet: you are what you eat. In the same vein, it will help if you maintain a good reading diet: those who expose themselves to good examples of writing are more likely to write well. Here’s a good aggregator of well-written and thought-provoking articles: http://aldaily.com/

There are plenty of academic writing resources online. Start with these:


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