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Politics Exam


Politics Exam


Hello. I have a politics 120 Exam on Monday. I will send you the test questions and I need you to answer them for me. I put 2 pages, if you need to modify the price we can discuss that later. I still do not have exam I will send it to you once I have it. My exam is 1 hour long which means I need you to be prepared ready to work on it once you have it other wise I will fail it because I WILL DEPEND ON YOU, DON’T DISAPPOINT ME PLEASE.

I have attached all the power points so you can study and review it from today until Monday. you have to review the powerpoints carefully so you can answer the exam questions. I really need you to be prepared. again I WILL DEPEND ON YOU. I depended on two people before to do my exam and I failed both time so please if you think you cannot do this please let me know.

The exam will start on 2:30 Pm (Michigan, USA, timing) and will end on 3:45. But I need the answer as soon as you finish them, once you finish anything send them to me so I can start filling the questions. don’t make me wait till the very end please.

the exam has True/False (once you finish this part send it to me so I can start filling or I will be out of time) the second part is Fill in the blanks. and the end part is short answer questions.

please please please if you review the power points and you think you can help me with this tell me other wise let me know before hand. I will be depending on you because I know literally nothing about politics no matter how hard I study for it it is not understandable for me. so please help me I need to get an A and pass this exam. I need your help.

Read this very carefully and please review the power points. thank you

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