Power of habit

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Power of habit

Power of habit

Your paper must include the following:

– A header with your name, date, class, and assignment title

– 12 point font

– Times New Roman font only

– Double spaced

– 1 inch margins

The Power of Habit


Starbucks and The Habit of Success: When Willpower become automatic

Willpower is the most important keystone habit for individual success. In the last chapter you learned that keystone habits have the power to change other habits. The best way to strengthen willpower is to make it into a habit. Sounds easy enough, right? So how is it that Susie can resist cupcakes during a mid-afternoon meeting, while Marie regularly eats two? How can some people make self-discipline look so easy? The key to their success is that they make self-control into a keystone habit. They build habit loops that make good decision-making automatic. In other words, they learn to have more willpower.

This chapter builds on the last chapter’s main point regarding the role that keystone habits play in widespread change. People can get better at regulating their impulses and learn how to resist temptation. Similar to other habits, repeatedly resisting temptation can increase willpower as the brain practices a new habit loop. In a series of experiments, Megan Oaten and Ken Cheng found that as individuals’ willpower “muscles” strengthened, people were able to self-regulate their behavior in other areas of their lives. In other words, changing the keystone habit of willpower can positively influence other habits. As people changed their exercise habits or spending habits, these willpower habits spilled over to other areas of their lives, such as what they ate or how hard they worked.

In Chapter 2, we learned about football players who were more likely to “choke” at critical moments during a game. People with weak willpower behave similarly. They seem fine most of the time, but their self-control is more likely to evaporate when they are confronted with unexpected stresses or uncertainties. So, how do some people resist temptation when confronted with unexpected stress? How do some people marshal their willpower when the going gets tough? How, in other words, do some people make willpower into a habit? One way is they anticipate possible challenges. Anticipation of inflection points, or challenges, allows people to plan to deal with pain, stress, and temptation ahead of time. Is it the delicious smell of the cupcakes that is too much for Marie to resist? Or is it that she gets sleepy in the mid-afternoon and the cupcake is a quick pick-me-up?

Anticipating these inflection points (i.e., going for a quick walk prior to the meeting to prevent drowsiness) allows Marie to choose a routine ahead of time (“When I feel tired (my cue), I’ll go for a walk (my routine,) and I’ll end up feeling refreshed (my reward) instead of hungry for a cupcake.”). Over time, these plans become automatic habits.

Starbucks and the Habit of Success is a reason why some people are better at creating willpower habits, because they feel in control. It is critical for companies and organizations to give people a sense of agency, a feeling of control, in order to increase how much energy, focus, and productivity they bring to their jobs. Capitalizing on this information, Starbucks has trained employees to anticipate inflection points and has instilled a sense of control among workers who are trained in willpower habits. And, it has helped the company boost revenues by more than $1.2 billion a year.


Step 1. Carefully read, analyze and complete the assignment below for chapter 5 of the “The Power of Habit” book.

Step 2. On a blank notebook paper, please take handwritten notes/highlight/write in the margins of your paper to demonstrate active reading.

Step 3. Then, please type a FIVE paragraph essay response to the following prompt based on the information you have learned in class. Remember, you must have a thesis in your introduction.


The President of your college has asked for your help. She is concerned about low graduation rates among undergraduate students. The President has asked you to design a plan to help students graduate. Increasing students’ willpower, she believes, is the key to success.

In your essay, please:

Write an essay to the President describing three specific suggestions to increase graduation rates using the ideas in this chapter.

For example: what exercises should new freshmen complete on their first day of school? Outline a one-day workshop every sophomore must complete before they leave for summer break that would increase the likelihood of them graduating. If your school gave one assignment to each junior to help achieve the same goal, what would it be? Etcetera.


Your response must be written in sentences that have been carefully edited for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. An important part of the grade on this final exam will be based on your demonstration of effective proofreading and control of sentence structure, standard English grammar, and the mechanics of academic writing.
Staple the handwritten notes and typed prompt responses together and submit.

– Please skip a line when writing your handwritten active reading notes. Please be neat and make certain your writing is legible!

– Your papers should have a header with your name, date, course title and assignment title. Please make sure your type response is double spaced, 12 point font only and plain text. Times New Roman is best for academic writing.
This is what i have
Specific suggestions to increase graduation rates.

The graduation rates of the undergraduate students are declining in the school. While many people have called for higher admissions standards, the school also needs to cite organizational changes and new programs. The paper, therefore, is a suggestion paper to increase graduation rates using the ideas in willpower habits chapter.
Willpower is an important aspect that should be considered by the undergraduates because it helps them resist short term objectives in order to meet long term objectives. New freshmen in the college should observe the following; they should create a time capsule, this will help them to write the hopes that they have in the following school years. The other thing that they need to have is flexibility, they should organize themselves in a way that prepare them for the future. To increase the likelihood of them graduating, the undergraduates needs to fill one day workshop before leaving for a summer. Many of the students don’t have long-term and short term goals, they should, however know their habits and motivators to be successful goal setters. The other thing affecting undergraduates’ time wastage. They, therefore, needs to master time management in order to optimize their performance in the school. The other suggestion is being active outside the classroom, successful people don’t take part in the classroom only but they are also active in the community engagement. This is important to undergraduates because it makes them enjoy both sides, the society and classroom. They will therefore, complete their studies effectively. The students should also build habits loops that makes automatic decision making.
In conclusion, the above suggestions are all based of willpower habits, the students therefore need to observe them to increase the graduation rates. I need it to be in 5

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