Proposal Assignment Paper

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Proposal Assignment Paper

Proposal Assignment Paper

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Proposal should contain:

A) The theory and theorist you are going to use as a base to prove your hypothesis. (example: Parenting & Baumrind)

B) How are you going to use the theory to prove your hypothesis (e.g. cog. dev. & self-efficacy; stages of death & denial of prognosis; parenting & delinquency, etc.).

(example: teen smoking and parenting)

C) Your hypothesis statement (example: fewer teens of authoritative parents smoke).

D) At least one of your sources that you are going to use from the FSW Library of data bases.

(example: Information Management Strategies Within Conversations About Cigarette Smoking: Parenting Correlates and Longitudinal Associations With Teen Smoking.By: Metzger, Aaron; Wakschlag, Lauren S.; Anderson, Ryan; Darfler, Anne; Price, Juliette; Flores, Zujeil; Mermelstein, Robin. Developmental Psychology. Aug2013, Vol. 49 Issue 8, p1565-1578 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site…….)

Theory/theorists: Parenting – Baumrind, Chap. 6, p. 175


There are variations of many of the citation formats, if there is a question is best to look it up in the APA manual

The basic idea is the ability of the reader to find the same source

alphabetical by last name of first author, hanging indent, § list by last name first comma, first initial period. middle initial period., § use commas to separate authors and an ampersand before the last author • the middle initial of the last author is followed by a space then parenthesis the year of publication parenthesis space then title of book or journal article with the only the first word capitalized period then the title of the journal in italics and all words in capitals comma volume number parenthesis issue number parenthesis comma space page numbers with a dash between beginning and ending page period. o APA has added the doi (p.190) and URLs to the Reference page citations, they come after the page numbers of an article. If you have questions let me know. Owl at Purdue is pretty good, but not all are correct. Be very careful of online "help"

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