Psychology-Mental Disability

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Psychology-Mental Disability

Mental Disability

Does not need introduction or conclusion. Just write a SEPARATE paragraph for EACH source given that connects to the thesis I propose for the paper that “ early childhood trauma affects the humans’ neurobiological stress coping system, which affects people as an adult, causing them to live with a form of mental disability.” Most people who suffer with disadvantages/trauma as a child will suffer with a form of mental disability as an adult, due to the changes to the brain’s neurological system. Try to explain how each source gives an example to how trauma, pain, abuse, SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS** have changed children and infants mentally AS AN ADULT in a bad way. Each source has its own paragraph** explain how environmental and social factors play a major role in altering one’s mental health*** CONNECT to how stress, social factors, environmental factors cause people to act a certain way, live a certain way, physically and mentally CHANGE (like mental and physical disability).

Sources to use:

1.Tremain, Shelley. “On the Government of Disability.” Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 27, No. 4, 
Special Issue: Embodied Values: Philosophy and Disabilities, pp. 617-636. October 2001.

2. Schore N. Allan, “The Effects of Early Relational Trauma on the Right Brain 
Development, Affect Regulation, and Infant Mental Health.” Infant mental Health 
Journal. Vol 22. Pp. 201-269.Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health. (2001).

3. Anda, R.F., Felitti, V.J., Bremner, J.D. et al. “The Enduring Effects of Abuse and related Adverse 
Experiences in Childhood.” Eur Arch Psychiatry Clinical Neuroscience. (2006).

4. ******

5. ***

6.Horwitz, Allan V., et al. “The Impact of Childhood Abuse and Neglect on Adult Mental Health: A Prospective Study.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior, vol. 42, no. 2, 2001, pp. 184–201. JSTOR, JSTOR,

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