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Questions and Answers


Read the Hall, Hall & Perry article on Law Enforcement and Racial Bias, and review PPT

Hall, Hall and Perry Discuss the Nature of Racial Bias and the Nature of Law Enforcement as well as how those two factors come together to cause a particularly troubling problem when society tries to understand and make attributions as to why certain shootings (by law enforcement officers) occur. What are some of the factors related to racial bias and law enforcement that they suggest contribute to misperceptions, and perhaps misplaced blame when civilian populations try to make sense out of the shootings. This should be a very healthy paragraph long (or bullet-pointed)

Opinion seq: What do you think of their breakdown, and do you think any one argument is stronger than the other? Also, were there any suggestions that they made for ways that we can improve as a society in this respect that you thought were better than others?

Please review the PPT regarding the Grand Jury and consider it in comparison to the PPT on Trial or Petit Juries.

Grand Juries differ from trial juries in a number of way: explain how they differ including the Constitutional provisions for them, who the players are in each, and how the procedures differ.Many argue that the Grand Jury is a "rubber stamp" for prosecutors to get an indictment, others argue that the seemingly one-sided nature of GJ is desifned to serve a specific purpose. What are the arguments on both sides of this, and where do you fall on the spectrum of agreeing/disagreeing with GJ procedures.

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