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Questions & answers

Questions & answers

Read the Sommers & Norton article and review the PPT (From Voir Dire to Death)

Then, answer the following questions,

1. Define and explain Voir dire, and peremptory challenges vs. challenges for cause.

2. What were the facts and the circumstances of the Batson v. Kentucky (1986) case, and why is it important for the process of Voir Dire? Use the Sommers article and information from the PPT, and do your best to incorporate the following, in your answer regarding Batson v. Kentucky (1986).

a. What was the factual issue in the the Batson case and what Constitutional Amendment was in question?

b. What did the Court hold and why?

c. What is a Batson Challenge? What problem was it intended to ameliorate and what are the steps in the procedure to raise a Batson challenge?

d. Finally, does the literature (eg: Sommers & Norton) support the notion that this is an effective safeguard in the system? Why, or why not? (Note this has to do with attorney’s explanations, judges’ acceptance of them, and the likelihood that an attorney will admit bias. So be specific (describe the study and findings).

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